Soccered in at Summit, Danielson Has a Ball

Gutter Danielson works as sous chef. Not sure about the knife skills, but with a soccer ball for a head, we're thinking he's no mathlete. All pictures: Sonja Wolter

From this week’s Summit Station report:

“Summit Station busied itself with inventories, a few repairs, normal science tasking, and a satisfying SAR [search-and-rescue] exercise in which we added a new member to our staff.  Because of the need for all five Summit personnel to practice their emergency roles, Gutter Danielson was built, and has proven to be a very entertaining member of our crew. He is a good listener and never talks back.  However, we quickly found that he doesn’t vacuum or do dishes.”

Weekly safety drills (on a myriad of topics/scenarios) keep the small team tending NSF’s research station tuned up and risk-alert. In last week’s scenario, the “Norwegian dogsledder” had to be rescued by the team when his dogs disappeared and he suffered some kind of lapse. Per the report, the Summit five followed protocol, stabilized the patient and transported him to safety in under an hour.

Gutter arrives at the Green House for treatment. Concerned about a head or neck injury, the team has immobilized his soccer-ball head on a backboard. Christina Hammock rides on the litter, Geoff Miller drives the snowmachine, and Lucas Nordby and Ken Keenan (just out of the shot) stand ready to transport him into the clinic.

From what we can tell, Gutter has made a full recovery. He’s taken to station life like—well, like soccer legend David Beckham to a packed stadium (or a Calvin Klein billboard, ahem).

Gutter seems in no hurry to move on to greener fields. But who can blame him?  Life at Summit sounds like a lot of fun these days, and that Gutter, he’s no dummy.


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