Summit Bakery

Christina Hammock and Ken Keenan demonstrated some mad baking skills in the Summit Station kitchen over the weekend. Ken claims the doughnut recipe was just your standard high-altitude fare. Photo: Sonja Wolter

Kip Rithner wrote:

Hi Ken,

Adorable picture of you and Christina. May I have a digital copy of it, and perhaps your doughnut recipe? (Especially if it goes something like, “While the dough is rising, help science technicians with balloon launch for Match campaign” or something.)

Ken Keenan wrote:

Hi Kip,

I suppose you can have the doughnut picture.  I don’t often like being involved in adorable pictures, but that was a good one and it was a fun time.  My cousin Archie had a doughnut shop back in Vermont in the late 70’s / early 80’s and his doughnuts are the standard I fry by.  I have not yet matched his, but it’s fun trying.  .  .  .


At least he cleared up the hat mystery.


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