The Plane! The Plane!

Local residents, including these kids, showed up to tour the C-5a Galaxy. Photo: Ed Stockard

A plane as big as a C-5a Galaxy creates a stir wherever it goes. Last week in Kangerlussuaq, when the C-5 landed with 32 pallets of cargo, people turned out. With 103,000 pounds of program goods and materials in its hold, the arrival of the C-5a meant forklifts and cargo handlers were busy doing a well-practiced dance out there in the yard for a few solid hours.

The NYANG 109th‘s Major Frank Mendicino, front left, and Master Sgt. Glen Preece (driving) head to the tarmac with PFS’ Mark Begnaud, back seat, to greet the C-5’s crew and to help with cargo offload.


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