Their Three Sons

August 27, 2009
Welcome Owen Pagenkopp!
Owen Pagenkopp was born August 2. He weighed 9 lbs, 15 oz at birth, which is why we like to call him The Biscuit.

Introducing Owen Pagenkopp, 9 lbs, 15 oz at birth. Some of us like to call him The Biscuit.

The latest member of the Polar Field Services 2.0 club came into the world looking like a lineman. We may be overstating a bit, but at 22 inches and almost 10 pounds, baby Owen probably skipped right over the newborn clothes.

New mom  Angela reports that her youngest is a sweet baby, content to be held–and (no surprise!) a “chowhound.”  He gained half a pound in three days.  Clearly the boy likes his groceries.

The youngest of three, it’s just as well that he’s big–no doubt he’ll want to keep up with his two older brothers.

Angela's boys: Ethan (5), husband Brett, and Tyler (2).

"I've been trying without success to get all three boys to sit down and cooperate for a picture," Angela writes. "Maybe when they're 20." Ethan (5), husband Brett, and Tyler (2) pause for a second to pose with Owen.

Congratulations to Angela and Brett (and Ethan and Tyler) on drafting the season’s most promising new player!

Owen 111